Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gobblet Gobblers

Gobblet Gobblers is another game daddy picked out that I must admit I was a bit skeptical about. I mean really, you can't just play tic tac toe without wooden figurines?

Well, it has ended up Sophia's favorite quick 2 person game that can be squeezed in just before dinner or bedtime, never disappoints, and is simple enough that even Maggie can "help" daddy from time to time.

Far from being just game pieces for tic tac toe, this game gives the opportunity to change strategies as your opponent's pieces line up, and makes it a bit easier and more interesting for preschoolers to pick up the line up/blocking skills and planning they need to win. I  think it might get tedious for equally skilled individuals pitted against each other, but for a learning toddler/preschooler playing against an adult it seems quite thrilling! I'm not sure the rules really allow it, but we have been allowing already "used" goblets to be re-used as long as they are on top, which really gives the kids tons of opportunity to go in a new direction, etc. On the whole I'd say it is a pretty fun game, and helps teach some planning/strategy in a simple way.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


At Sophia's karate class yesterday Maggie showed just how fast she is growing up. (I can hardly stand it!) She (Maggie) was sitting in the classroom doorway watching happily. After a few minutes she turned around and her face did that slow crumple that comes before tears, and she came over and buried her face in my leg. I kept asking her what was wrong, could I do anything for her? But she would just sob quietly, unable to answer. Finally she wailed "nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrse, nuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrse" clearly grasping for one of her few babyhood comforts. I began to wonder if all the changes lately have been too much, pottying, new baby, less napping, she has begun rapidly expanding her vocabulary as well, and obviously gets less mommy time, sooooo? 

It finally occurred to me (slow mama, get with it already!) to ask if she was sad because she could not go do the karate class with Sophia. (duh.) Little nod, gasp, pause crying, "do you want me to ask the teacher if you can join in?" bigger nod. crap. Sophia's ballet teacher is very cool about letting younger siblings join in as they please, so Maggie often participates in that class and gets a huge kick out of it. I explain to Maggie that this karate school is only for four year olds. more tears. But wait! How about if we find a class for you to do, one that is not just for Sophia? Little grin, ok. It must be pretty crappy having your bestest closest friend who you do EVERYTHING with every second of every day do all sorts of fun activities that you can only sometimes participate in. So we have agreed to find swimming lessons that she can do in the evenings with daddy this summer, and she can start wearing her own ballet leotard on ballet class days (like a big girl) and we will see what else I cam organize. 

My little big girl wants to keep up with my medium big girl so much, I am going to have to find special things to do with her so she doesn't feel too babied, or pushed too hard to grow up. 

As we were getting into the car after class Sophia was trying to cheer Maggie up and said "mom, mom, how about this, how about if I just stop doing classes so she doesn't have to worry about it?". Seriously, she offered to give up hockey and ballet (this is the girl who puts on her ballet clothes and "teaches" Maggie almost daily, complete with french terms "Maggie, this is how you ____," etc...) because her little sister can't quite keep up. 

Why can't all these activities be montessori styled and allow  younger siblings to be guided by the older kids? Why? I am sure hockey is only for 3 and ups, what are we going to do next fall? Maggie asked to skate all the time last season, but didn't seem too upset when we told her she had to wait until she got bigger.

Apparently Maggie is bigger now!